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Intumescent fire dampers

Intumescent Fire Dampers: Keeping Your Building Safe

With regards to safety building it is important to have the equipment best in place. One machine usually used could be the fire damper intumescent. This informative article shall explain precisely what an Intumescent Fire Dampers are and why it's important. We are going to also talk about the advantages of together with Biyou intumescent fire dampers, how to use them, plus the applications which are various may be used in.

What's an Intumescent Fire Damper?

A Intumescent Fire Dampers is simply a type or kind of fire safety gear installed in structures. Its made to avoid the spread of fire by sealing off air ducts and walls that show you the building. The fire door intumescent strip made by Biyou comprises of a material that expands when it's exposed to heat. This expansion seals from the certain area, preventing the spread of flames and smoke.

Why choose Biyou Intumescent fire dampers?

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