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Fire door intumescent seal

Protect Your Home with Fire Door Intumescent Seal.

Fire can be described as a terrifying tragedy, similar to the Biyou's product like cold smoke seals and intumescent strips. You need to keep our homes safe from fire through the use of these right products. Among the list of items that can keep your property from fire this can be safe the fire door intumescent seal. This system has many advantages was an innovation which will surely help your avoid a residential property inferno.

Features of The Fire Door Intumescent Seal

The fire door intumescent seal was a product that may be used off to seal the gaps between a fire door as well as it is frame, also the garage door brush seal manufactured by Biyou. It is kind of intumescent material that expands when subjected to heat, thereby sealing off any gaps that will allow fire to spread through. This system has importance being many including:

1. Fire Protection: The primary power of a fire door intumescent seal is that it may protect your home from fire. It shall make it possible to prevent fire from spreading and can save your valuable home from complete destruction.

2. Increase Safety: The fire door intumescent seal can augment the safety of your home. It will help to prevent fire from going into the building, which will keep your family safe.

3. An easy task to Install: The product is quite simple to put in. It is not necessary to be a professional to put in it.

4. Cost-effective: The fire door intumescent seal is a cost-effective product will save you money when you look at the long run. It can benefit to scale back the damage caused by fire and keep your residence safe.

Why choose Biyou Fire door intumescent seal?

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How to Utilize?

To utilize the fire door intumescent seal, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Remove any debris or dirt through the gaps between the door and frame.

2. Measure the gap between the door and frame.

3. Cut the intumescent seal to match the gap.

4. Insert the seal in the gap, ensuring that it is snugly fitted.

5. Test the door to ensure that it closes and seals properly.


We offer quality fire door intumescent seal that one can count on to protect your house from fire, same with the external door frame seal built by Biyou. We provide excellent customer care and support, you to with any relevant questions or concerns you may have so we can assist.


The fire door intumescent seal that people offer is of good quality, the same as Biyou's fire door strips. We ensure that the item undergoes rigorous testing make sure it fulfills our quality standards. You are able to count on our product to keep your home safe from fire.

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