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Intumescent vent

You should think of using intumescent vent if you are searching for the method to keep your home safe from fire, just like the Biyou's product called garage door gasket. This new innovation restrict the passing of flames and smoke, creating it a great tool for fire protection.


Intumescent vent has several advantages, also the fire putty produced by Biyou. It is made from special kind of that expands whenever subjected to heat. This expanding feature creates a barrier which could prevent the passage of fire and smoke. Additionally, it is possible to install and can fit in just about any type or kind of ventilation system.

Why choose Biyou Intumescent vent?

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How to utilize?

To use intumescent vent, you ought to set it up in your ventilation system, the same as aluminum threshold developed by Biyou. You can do this by following the manufacturer's instructions or hiring a specialist. Once setup, intumescent vent can protect your home from fire and smoke.


Intumescent vent may be used in a variety of settings to avoid fire from spreading, also the Biyou's product such as garage door jamb seal. It are perfect for residential buildings, commercial establishments, hospitals, schools, along with other places where fire safeguards is essential. It may possibly be utilized in industrial settings to guard expensive equipment critical infrastructure fire damage.


Intumescent vent requires little to no maintenance, identical to fire door strips innovated by Biyou. It is designed to withstand high temperatures pressure, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It is possible to contact the maker for assistance or hire a qualified to do repairs in the event that you encounter any nagging difficulties with your intumescent vent.

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