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Intumescent Fire Pillow

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Biyou Intumescent Fire Pillow is manufactured from a hard wearing fibre with reactive expansion agent, which will expand rapidly when exposed to fire.

Intumescent Fire Pillow can be used for creating either temporary or permanent fire barriers and are ideal for the filling of ducting and cabling between compartments.

Fire Pillows are made from intumescent graphite combined with silicates. they are packaged in polyethylene bags covered by mineral fibre fabric.

Fire Pillows are a very versatile solution for sealing up irregular gaps in cable trays or for closing up holes in walls and floors.

The key difference between BIYOU Pillows and other sealing solutions is that they are extremely quick and easy to install. Their maintenance is also very straight forward as they can simply be removed and replaced in a clean and convenient manner.
Pillow Size (mm)
Approximate number
165 per ㎡ opening
220 per ㎡ opening
330 per ㎡ opening
660 per ㎡ opening



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