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Fire collars

Are you wanting to keep your house and families safer from fires? Fire Collars might help, the same as Biyou's fire collars for pipes. This special Collars get around pipes that can come out of your walls as roof. They stop fire from distributing in your home. Listed here are five explanations why you need to use Fire Collars:


1. It could stop fire before they spreading, also the fire collar pipe manufactured by Biyou. They fit pipes and cut off oxygen.

2. It is easy to use. You are able to wear them pipes in your home all on your own. You do not need any unique technology as techniques.

3. It is affordable. They cost not so much than other fire safety products like fire extinguishers or sprinklers.

4. It is small and do not occupy much room. You are able to hook them up to pipes in your walls as roof, so that they definitely won't be in the manner.

5. It could save your self life. They keep fires from leaving control. Which means your and your families could escape your home quicker if there is a Fire.

Why choose Biyou Fire collars?

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How to Use:

Using Fire Collars is simple, just like the pipe with collar manufactured by Biyou. First, you will need to recognize the pipes in your home that require security. This consists of any pipes which go with walls as ceilings. When you have identified these pipes, you'll install the Fire Collars. Just wrap the Collar around the pipe and fasten it in position. The Collar can increase if there is a Fire, sealing from the pipe and preventing Fire from distributing. It is that facile.


When you purchase Fire Collars, you need to ensure you're finding a high-quality product. This is why it is necessary to choose the provider whom provides exemplary service. Choose a provider whom is skilled and knowledgeable about Fire safety. They must be able to respond to any concerns you have got and give you with assistance with how to use the product. An excellent provider also needs to give you a guarantee on their Fire Collars, in order to become confident you are finding a quality product.


When considering to fire safety, quality is regarding the utmost importance. That is why you must choose Fire Collars which are produced from high-quality materials. Search for Fire Collars that were tested and authorized by fire safety professionals. These collars is able to withstand high conditions and stay in spot throughout a fire. It's also wise to choose Fire Collars which are simple to install and need small upkeep. This can make certain that your home is safeguarded from Fire and that the Fire Collars can last for a long time to come.

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