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Fire Resistance Glazing Seal

High Temperature insulation / Fire resistance Glazing gaskets

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HG-200 Glazing Tape

HG-200 series product is made of high performance ceramic fiber, expanded vermiculite particles and bonded by organic binder. Which is a light, flexible fire protection material with embedded intumescent components. The material expands under thermal influence, forming a thermally insulating layer of low density. When the temperature is above 330℃, vermiculite expands and the thickness of the tape increases gradually, that provides a balanced, sustained and sufficient support to doors and screens, and particularly for both timber and steel systems with toughened glass.



High temperature stability (up to 1200°C)

Good handling strength


Continued flexibility without ageing

Easy to wrap, cut and shape

Speed and ease of installation

Physical Properties

Loss on ignition(LOI)@800℃(%)       4-6

Classified temperature (℃)           ≤1260

Temperature limit (℃)            ≤1050

Initial expansion temperature (℃)    ≤450

Basis weight   (g/m2)               3100

Minimum bending radius(mm)       ≥15

Tensile strength (kPa)


High Temperature gaskets

Fire resistant gaskets for metal partitions

Lighting / Stoves / Automotive / Aerospace / Fire doors,

Curtain walling and many other application


Thickness: 3mm, 5mm

Width: 1m/1.2m

Length: 5m/10m



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