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Fire Door Core

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Fire Rated Door Core

Tested by NFPA 252-2017,UL10C-2016,CAN/ULC-S104-15,UL10B-2008(R2015)

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BiyouKara core board is a kind of inorganic and noncombustible Class A fire door core composed of reformative light weight mineral particle of stable physical and chemical properties. It does not deform in normal temperature or moist ambient environment and its temperature limited can be up to 1100℃. It is almost a kind of permanent material with the characteristics of lightweight, good dimensional stability, high strength, good soundproof performance and free of asbestos and formaldehyde. It can be easily cut, sawed, or nailed when assembled at worksite without environment pollution. Kara core board is very simple and highly efficient core material for fire door. It can be provided with variable thickness and density.





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