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Fire door strips

Fire Door Strips: Making Your Property Safer


Have you been centered on the safety of one's premises in case there clearly was a fire? A fire can be a scary and dangerous situation but you will find things you can do to organize and protect your property. One among these plain things is installing fire door strips. The advantages shall be discussed by us of Biyou fire soundproof door strip, how they work, and how to use them to help make your property safer in case of a fire.


Firedoor strips are an innovative safety that may stop the spread of fire and smokethroughout a building. The Biyou garage door strip have been designed of intumescent materials thatexpand when exposed to heat, sealing the gap between the door and the frame toprevent the passing of smoke and flames. What this means is not only can theyprevent a fire from spreading, nonetheless they also can give occupants morehours for you to escape the building. Additionally, fire door strips are easyto install and keep, making them a safety cost-effective measure.

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