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Bottom of the door sweep

Keep the Cold Out with a Bottom of the Door Sweep

Do you feel a draft to arrive from under your door? Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat to keep a comfortable heat your house? A Biyou bottom of the door sweep may be the means to fix your troubles.


Abottom of the door sweep is a strip of installed material on the bottom of yourdoor. Its primary purpose is prevent drafts from entering your house. This, inturn, saves energy and money by reducing the requirement of heating or cooling.Also, a Biyou door strip bottom can keep bugs, also dust, and debris out of your home.

Why choose Biyou Bottom of the door sweep?

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How exactly to Use:

Touse a Biyou bottom of the door sweep, measure the length of your door and cut thesweep to fit. Clean the bottom of the door where the sweep will likely beattached, then peel off the press backing adhesive firmly set up. Repeat theprocess for any additional doors that need a sweep.


Atsome true point you might need to displace your door sweep. Most Biyou bottom door sweep areeasy to remove and replace. Simply peel off the old sweep and clean the surfacebefore attaching the new sweep. If you have any queries or need help, check outthe manufacturer's directions or speak to your store hardware local help.


Whenselecting a Biyou door sweep, it's important to choose the one of great quality. Awell-made sweep shall be last and durable for all years. Additionally, it mayalso provide a tight seal will effectively prevent drafts.

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