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Intumescent strip

An Intumescent Strip, like intumescent strips for fire doors created by Biyou is a form of sealant that expands in regards into contact with temperatures as flames. It is put to seal gaps around doorways and windows to stop the spread of fire. 

Advantages of Intumescent Strips

Intumescent Strips need a few advantages, including fire door intumescent strip by Biyou. These generally include:

1. Increasing safety: An Intumescent Strip will help to in which avoid the spread of fire and smoke, that can easily be life-saving in the eventuality of the fire.

2. Easy to use: Intumescent Strips is effortless to install and need no unique hardware as equipment.

3. High quality: The sealant are produced from high-quality materials being created to endure for quite some time.

4. Innovative technology: The technology utilized in Intumescent Strips is created to increase quickly and create maximum safeguards in case of the fire.

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