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Fire door intumescent strip

Fire Doors are very important for safety

Once we all discover, Fire is the dangerous and destructive force that may result damage to folk and belongings. That is why it is important to have Fire Doors in structures, especially in areas whenever there is the danger of Fire. Biyou fire door seals are made to stop the spread of Fire and smoke, and they could be life-saving in a crisis.

Introducing the Fire Door Intumescent Strip

Oneessential part of a Fire Door is the Intumescent Strip. This is an unique kindof material that expands if it is exposed to temperature, making a seal thatcan help to include the Fire. The Biyou intumescent seal fire door is an innovationin Fire Door technology that gives a few advantages over traditionalIntumescent Strips.

Why choose Biyou Fire door intumescent strip?

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