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Thermal Insulation Glzaing Tape

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Intumescent Glazing Tape

Tested by EN 1634-1:2014

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  • Introduction
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The HG-100 Glazing Tape is a graphite-based flexible and intumescent fire seal. When exposed to fire, the intumescent material expands and forms a microporous layer, which prevents the passage of any flames, smoke or hot gases. Which can be used in timber fire doors or glazed screens providing exceptional protection.


Main Features

100m/ roll for dispensing applications ,ease of storage and to reduce wastage in cut-offs.

Supplied with a high performance self-adhesive backing for ease of application and installation.

The material is totally unaffected by water, robust, ‘non-flaking’ and difficult to tear.

Graphite color


Chemical composition: The active element is high-pressure forming, multi-directional expandable graphite contained within a high performance durable polymer.

Adhesive performance: Adhesive type: High performance modified acrylic.

Thickness: 205 microns.

Temperature resistance: +200°C short term, +100°C long term.

Tensile strength: >30N/15mm.

Humidity resistance: Very good.

Solvent resistance: Very good.

Ageing resistance: Very good.




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