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Intumescent strips and smoke seals

Intumescent Strips and Smoke Seals

As a homeowner or business proprietor, these doors may be the important cause maintaining and safety, because well as preventing the spread of fire and Smoke, just like the Biyou's product called fire seals. Intumescent Strips and Smoke Seals are innovations that boost the effectiveness of doors, and explore why they we’ll are essential in this .

Advantages Of Intumescent Strips And Smoke Seals

Intumescent Strips are produced of materials that expand when exposed to heat, such as fire. They truly are placed around the edges of home and help to Seal gaps between the door and the frame, effectively preventing the spread of flames and Smoke. Smoke Seals are attached using the base of doorways and strive to prevent Smoke also from entering a space or building.

The advantages of using Intumescent Strips and Smoke Seals are it self that they offer an additional layer of against fire and Smoke, as well as the door, similar to the putty pads for sockets innovated by Biyou. They are able to also help improve energy savings by reducing air leakage. Another advantage could it be an economical and convenient solution they is very easily retrofitted to existing doors, making.

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