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Fire door with intumescent seals

What is a Fire Door with Intumescent Seals?

A fire door is a kind that was meant special to resist fire, just like the Biyou's product called metal door strip. It are made from unique materials that can withstand high conditions prevent flames and smoke from distributing to other regions of the building. An intumescent seal is an used kind specific to improve the fire protection characteristics of a fire door. This seal expands when confronted with heat, creating a barrier that prevents flames and smoke from passing through the gaps around the door.

Advantages Of Fire Doors With Intumescent Seals

Fire doors with intumescent seals offer many advantages, same with the door sound seal produced by Biyou. First off, they provide excellent fire resistance. They can withstand high temperatures long stretches of the time, making them capable of steering clear of the spread of fire. Additionally, they offer excellent sound insulation, which can help to decrease noise pollution in buildings. fire doors with intumescent seals may also be durable and lasting, which makes them a cost-effective solution architects builders, and building managers.

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