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Cold smoke seals and intumescent strips

Cold Smoke Seals and Intumescent Strips: Keeping Your Property Safe from Fires

Did you know that according to the fire nationwide protection, roughly seven people die every in home fires within the United States alone day? That's why it is necessary to make fully sure your house's safety, including protecting against smoke and fire. We are going to expose you to the huge benefits, innovation, safety, use, simple tips to use, service, quality, and application of cold smoke seals and intumescent strips built by Biyou.

What are Cold Smoke Seals and Intumescent Strips?

Cold Smoke Seals and Intumescent Strips from Biyou are security essential that provide two essential purposes, sealing gaps and openings within your house where smoke can move across. The fire door cold smoke seals are typically put around the edges door and windows, in addition they expand whenever subjected to conditions that can easily be high fire prevent smoke from distributing many other areas of the house.

Why choose Biyou Cold smoke seals and intumescent strips?

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