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Cold smoke seals for fire doors

Cold Smoke Seals for Fire Doors - Keep Your Home Safe and Smoke-Free


A Cold Smoke Seal is a type put of seal around the side of a fire home. Its main purpose is preventing Smoke from escaping into fire escape channels throughout a fire. These Biyou Seals have become essential in almost every true home and intumescent strip smoke seal building because they save lives by restricting the spread of Smoke and fire. The use of Cold Smoke Seals could be an ensures strategy innovative safety and convenience in a building.

Advantages Of Cold Smoke Seals:

The Biyou use of Cold Smoke Seals has a lot of advantages, including improved safety the building occupants. It helps in avoiding the inhalation of toxic Smoke by reducing Smoke concentration when you look at the building. Cold Smoke Seals ensure minimum oxygen supply for the fire to grow and prolongs therefore death by suffocation. Also, they increase visibility within a fire, intumescent strips and smoke seals making it simpler for individuals to get escape routes. Moreover, the danger of severe problems for the building is paid down by using Cold Smoke Seals.

Why choose Biyou Cold smoke seals for fire doors?

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