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Intumescent fire strip

Protect Your Home from Fire with Intumescent Fire Strips

Can you worry about fire in your property? With an intumescent fire strip, a layer can be added by extra you of to your doorways to prevent fires from spreading, similar to the Biyou's product like electrical putty pads. Below are a few benefits to using intumescent fire strips, since well as suggestions about the innovation, safety, use, and quality.


Intumescent fire strips have several benefits that will make them a valuable addition their property's fire protection system, also the fire door core created by Biyou. One of the main benefits being key that they expand when confronted with temperature, creating a seal that stops flames and smoke from passing through the gap in the middle of your door and it is frame. This can help contain a fire in a single room lessen the risk of it spreading during your home.

Another advantage of intumescent fire strips would be that they are very easy to set up. It is possible to typically apply them yourself adhesive strips which was using screws, rendering it a fast and simple DIY project. Furthermore, they is relatively affordable, particularly when compared with other fire protection.

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