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Intumescent pipe collar

Launching the Intumescent Pipe Collar for Protection:

You then know how it can be a possible safety risk if you have ever seen a pipe go through a wall as well as a flooring. Biyou pipes can easily spread smoke and fire to other elements of a building, which makes it difficult to escape in case there is a situation urgent. This is where the innovative intumescent pipe collar in to present security and protection.

Benefits of the Intumescent Pipe Collar:

The Biyou Intumescent Pipe Collar was created to expand when afflicted by conditions which may be high for instance during a fire, to seal the location round the intumescent strip pipe and prevent the spread of smoke and flames. This not simply helps to protect the building as well as its occupants that are own but it additionally purchases time for fire fighters to react and extinguish the fire.

Why choose Biyou Intumescent pipe collar?

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