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Intumescent collar

Intumescent Collars: Keep Your Buildings Safe and Sound.

Are your worried about the safety of the buildings in the event of a fire? Intumescent collars, like fire collars created by Biyou can offer you with peace of mind while keeping constantly your building safer. Continue reading to learn about the benefits, innovations, and exactly how to use intumescent collars.

Advantages Of Intumescent Collars

Intumescent collars, including 110mm pipe collar by Biyou are created to contain smoke and fire inside the event of a fire. They have been made from fire-resistant materials that swells when subjected to heat, creating a seal around combustible pipes and preventing fire spreading rapidly. This innovation in fire safety can feel installed around pipes, cables, air ducts, as well as other based penetrations in walls, ceilings, and floors.

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