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Firestop Pipe Collar

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CE Mark Intumescent Pipe Collar

BS/EN/UL Fire tested,CE mark Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar, the size from 32mm to 400mm.

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Intumescent collars help reinstate the fire protection of a wall or a floor that has been compromised by pipes. It work by expanding when exposed to heat and therefore crushing the pipe preventing smoke and fire spreading through the pipes.


Intumescent Pipe Collar is made up of a metallic casing of 1 mm thick of galvanized steel with attached intumescent graphite sheets in 4 mm thick and 30mm wide. Under the influence of fire, the expandable graphite strip swells and prevent the spread of fire through PVC, HDPE & PP pipes where they penetrate fire compartment walls and floors.


Intumescent Pipe Collar is closed by fastening the metal clip.

That is attached to the supporting structure by means of various holes and the corresponding screws.

1,Check the measurements of the pipe and open the Collar.

2,Place Collar as close as possible to the supporting structure.

3,Use the metal tab to adjust and to close the collar.

4,Screw the collar to the supporting structure using the appropriate fasteners.


32mm, 40mm,50mm,63mm,75mm,82mm,90mm,110mm,125mm,160mm,200mm,250mm


1, The collar clasp could adjust as request

2, Flexibility, Simple to fix with screws

3, Moisture resistant

4, Designed for thermal movement

5, The lowest collar available on the market with 30 mm height



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