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Firestop Pipe Collar

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Two-parts design Intumescent Pipe collar

BS/EN/UL Fire tested,CE mark Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar, the size from 32mm to 400mm.

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  • Advantage

Intumescent collars help reinstate the fire protection of a wall or a floor that has been compromised by pipes. It work by expanding when exposed to heat and therefore crushing the pipe preventing smoke and fire spreading through the pipes.


The collars consist of a preformed steel collar in two parts joined by a hinge and closed with an over Centre toggle clamp. They are suitable for fitting to concrete, masonry, sturdy wall constructions and can be affixed at wall, ceiling, and floor pipes. The product is impervious to moisture and the steel shell of the closer is protected with red or white paint.


1, Place collar around pipe and lock collar's clasp, then attach collar to substrate with appropriate anchors and washers; fasten all tabs to substrate.

2, Number of Collars. • Walls: Two Collars - one on each side of wall • Floors: One Collar - one on underside of floor.

3, Some systems require mineral wool; do not apply sealant to wet mineral wool. Mineral wool may cause eye, skin or respiratory tract irritation

4, The pipe Collars should be applied to surfaces that are clean and free of dust, dirt and grease.


32mm, 55mm,63mm, 75mm, 82mm, 90mm,110mm,125mm,160mm,200mm,250mm


1, Easy to Install

2, Good for Retrofitting

3, Cost Effective

4, Fire Protection

5, Smoke Protection

6, Impervious to Moisture

7, Compliant with International Fire Standards



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