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Intumescent mastics

What are Intumescent Mastics and What are their Advantages?

Intumescent mastics are materials that expand when exposed to heat or fire. These are widely utilized in construction as a fire stopping solution protecting joints walls, floors, and much more materials. Biyou intumescent mastics have several advantages including their cap ability to avoid the spread of flames and smoke, in addition to their ease of use and application.


Innovation in Fire Stopping Solutions

Traditionally, fire stopping systems relied on materials such as fire-rated foam or caulking. While these materials have been effective in steering clear of the spread of fire, they could be time difficult and intensive to use. Intumescent mastics provide a modern, innovative both solution reliable and effortless to use. Biyou intumescent tapes are generally well suited for fast-paced construction projects that require quick and efficient installation.


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