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Intumescent fire grille

Are you looking for the safe and revolutionary method to protect your building from fires? Search no further than the intumescent fire grille. This Biyou amazing product ideal for anybody who wishes to ensure the safety of these property and the individuals inside. The aluminum threshold following are some associated with advantages with this revolutionary piece of.


- Protects against fires by expanding when put through heat, creating a barrier that Biyou prevents flames and smoke from spreading

- Easy to install and low upkeep

- could be tailor-made to suit any size door insulation strip opening

- Made From High-quality Materials for Long-lasting Durability

Why choose Biyou Intumescent fire grille?

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Precisely How to Use:

Using the intumescent fire grille is very easy. Simply set it up into the specified location and forget about it. The Biyou grille is going to do its job, expanding in the eventuality of a fire to seal the opening off and avoid smoke and flames from spreading throughout the building. And with maintenance or possible malfunctions because it requires no maintenance, there is absolutely no have to concern yourself.


Our company is aimed at ensuring the total highest amount of quality and service when it comes to customers. We take pride in supplying probably the most readily useful possible Biyou products along with expert installation solutions. Aside from what your needs are, you can trust us to provide personalized solutions that work for specific you.


We only use the quality materials and this can be highest in the manufacture of our intumescent fire grilles. We have Biyou created durable products, long-lasting, dependable and for protecting your house and ensuring the safety of your building’s occupants.

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