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Fire and smoke seal

Fire and Smoke Seal is a safety product that important in keeping your home or office safe from the dangers of smoke and fire, also the Biyou's product such as fire collars for electrical cables. It is an product that innovative provides several benefits. We will discuss what fire and smoke seal is, it is advantages, how it can be used, and the quality of the product.

What are Fire and Smoke Seal?

Fire and Smoke Seal was a product that intended to avoid the spread of smoke and fire through doorways, windows, and the areas in a building, just like the intumescent fire collar built by Biyou. It had been manufactured from a fire-resistant material that expands in high temperatures, developing a barrier that prevents fire and smoke from spreading. It try important to obtain this product in your home or office to safeguard your self and your property from the dangers of smoke and fire.

Why choose Biyou Fire and smoke seal?

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