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Automatic Door Drop Seal

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Surface mounted Heavy duty Door Bottom Automatic Drop Down Seal / ADDS-Y

Tested by

BS EN 1191: 2012 opening and closing 100000 cycles

ISO 10140-1:2010 for acoustic rating of 50db

UL 10C 60 Mins Fire Resistance Test and Hose Stream

High Performance

Support size customization

Low Maintenance Cost

10 Years Long Life

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Heavy duty mortised automatic door bottom. Drops a seal to seal gap at bottom of door when door closes. 

Aluminum Housing

EPDM Gasket

Actuator Button

•Code Smoke Fins 


A heavy duty, fully morticed automatic door bottom seal that is spring loaded to lift clear of the floor when the door is opened. It is self-leveling and reversible for left and right handed operation. Acoustically designed, featuring an EPDM foam gasket for acoustic door applications. It is operated automatically by pressure against the door jamb on its adjustable brass strike.


Fully morticed into the bottom of single and double butt hinged doors (minimum door thickness of 45mm). For

double doors, plain meeting stiles are required.


Concealed screw fix with the cover plates on both ends. Before installation, 21x36mm groove need to be

worked out in the bottom of door. Place the seal inside of the groove and fix the cover plates on both ends by screws.

Seal:EPDM in black color

The Sealing gap:3-20mm

Available length:450-2500mm

Finish:Silver or bronze anodized aluminum

Package:Packing each with screws bagged and attached in a poly bag, 25 PCS in a strong master carton to be shipped.



Could fix on the bottom of metal door or solid wooden door panel.



280 mm cuts to 260 mm

450 mm cuts to 280 mm

610 mm cuts to 450 mm

820 mm cuts to 610 mm

920 mm cuts to 820 mm

1070 mm cuts to 920 mm

1220 mm cuts to 1070 mm

1540 mm cuts to 1220 mm


Sound proof / Wind Dust proof/ Cold Air proof/ Hot Air proof
Light proof / Insect, Mildew and Fungus &Vermin proof / Fire Labeled



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