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Automatic Door Drop Seal

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Surface Mouted Drop Down Seal ADDS-H

High Performance

Support size customization

Low Maintenance Cost

10 Years Long Life

Easy for the Installation

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The exterior-mounted drop down seal is suitable for post-repair projects. If the door has been installed in place, it needs to add sound insulation, temperature insulation, dust prevention and other functions. It is simple and convenient to install on the surface of the door bottom; the appearance is beautiful.



This is a specifically designed surface mounted door drop seal, which has seen a raft of improvements that make it the perfect choice for sealing existing doors. Clever design changes to the fixing method allow the product to be fitted to either the inward or the outward face of a door in minutes, enhancing the comfort of any space whether it be an office,living area, school or hospital.




Location:Face mounted on the bottom of single or double butt-hinged doors

Installation:Fixing screws are supplied. Screw fix to either side of door face.

Seal:Silicon rubber in grey color

The Sealing Gap:3-15mm (0.12''-0.50'')

Available Length:380-1500mm (15''-60'')

Finish:Silver anodized aluminum

Package:Packing each with screws bagged and attached in a poly bag, 30pcs in a strong master carton to be shipped


Sound proof / Wind Dust proof/ Cold Air proof/ Hot Air proof

Light proof / Insect &Vermin proof


Tested by

BS EN 1191: 2012 opening and closing 100000 cycles

ISO 10140-1:2010 for acoustic rating of 40db

UL 10C 60 Mins Fire Resistance Test and Hose Stream

We can make to different surfaces, like Siliver, Black, Brown, White.



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