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Cable Transit System

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Series round type Sealing device EM-RS

Cable transit system  widly used in shipbuilding, marine engineering, petrochemical,telecommunications power,defense industry,sewage treatment ,industrial and civil building.

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The multi-diameter cable sealing system is a solution based on rubber modules with removable layers that enable a perfect fit to different dimensions of cable or pipe.Just peel a few layers and the seal fits the desired size of a cable or pipe,Multi-diameter technology allows seals to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes, and the installation is easy and safe.



EM-RS type is circular wear sealing system, consists of two semicircular adjustable multipath module, system integration has the compress device, can be installed around the existing cable and pipe. Which can adjust to siggle cable and pipe diameter ranges between 3-170mm.






Airtight, fire retardant,waterproof, proof pressue,lighting protection,exposion-proof,anti-interference, resistance to vibration,preventthe pest,radiation protection,etc. Meanwhile it can guarantee the interity during through the objectt, simple and flexible installation, easy adjestment, occupies small installationspace, easy to increase the number of cable, halogen free,completely enviromental protection products.



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