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Door Bottom Sweep Seal

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Soft And Hard Co-Extrusion Door Sweep Seal / DSS004

Easy to install, Available in a variety of finishes to match your door, Improve the energy efficiency of your home

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Door bottom sweep weather strip seal Using high-quality pvc soft and hard composite material used in the door at the end, weatherproof, dustproof, anti-mosquito, cheap, super good quality, it has been with overseas countries to establish friendly and cooperative relations.



Energy loss through the bottom of doors is the most commonly addressed area to improve your home or building's seal. This type of vinyl insert sweep are installed in the bottom of the door so that a seal is formed when the door is closed. These products are easily installed and need to be regularly replaced to ensure the building is insulated. Our Products offers a number of different finishes and technologies to best suit your individual home sealing application.


Sound proof / Wind Dust proof/ Cold Air proof/ Hot Air proof
Light proof / Insect, Mildew and Fungus &Vermin proof / Fire Labeled



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