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Door Bottom Sweep Seal

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Door Bottom PVC soft and hard Co-extrusion Seal / 011

Easy to install
Available in a variety of finishes to match your door
Improve the energy efficiency of your home

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  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Specifications
  • Advantage

1,The Weather Stripping can be used for the bottom, the gas of door&window, keep bugs out, anti-dust, weatherproof and soundproof, which give you a clean, relaxing, quiet and comfortable environment. Four Colors are available.

2, Made of waterproof flexible silicone, environmental-friendly material, no irritating smell, protecting the health of your family. With thin and soft material, our Seal Strip won’t affect the use of doors and windows. Easily adjust to the length you need.

3,Strong adhesive backing, non-degumming, stick firmly, anti-slip, can be used in extreme weather and work for a long time. Tear off the weatherstripping will not leave a sticky residue. 25mm 45mm, two widths is optional, 16.5 feet length for replacement.

4,Widely used for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel windows and aluminum windows, closet door, threshold, cupboards, wardrobes,shower bottom, bedroom&bathroom.

5,This frameless weatherstrip seal will help us to reduce the noise Keep warm in the room Prevent dust into the edge of the door or window .



Product Feature:

The Sweep Seal is extremely flexible and it is easy to screw fix or self-adhesive fix onto the bottom of the door without removing the door panel. It is ideal for screen doors and sash windows to solve the draughts, insects and vermin from entering to the room.

Install Location:Door Bottoms and sash windows. Fixing Method: Screw or Self Adhesive fixed.

Sealing Gap:13mm (Customer determined).

Product Length:1000mm

Seal Strip Color:Brown, Grey, White.

Seal Material:PVC Co-extrusion Rigid/ Flexible


Sound proof / Wind Dust proof/ Cold Air proof/ Hot Air proof
Light proof / Insect, Mildew and Fungus &Vermin proof



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