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Endless Firestop Pipe Wrap

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Intumescent Pipe Collars & Fire Wraps

China top supplier produce the Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar.

The regular size is 50x1.8mm, 60x1.8mm. Length is 20m or 25m.

We support size customization.

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The BIYOU Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar is based on a graphite intumescent material, the surface with a layer of fibro mesh, which is available in differnt sizes and is designed to wrap around pipe where it passes through fire-rated walls and floors.


The BIYOU Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar is a fire resistant flexible pipe wrap available as pre-cut strips or on a roll for interior and exterior penetration sealing applications. Which designed to wrap around pipe where it passes through fire-rated walls and floors. Each pipe wrap consists of graphite-based reactive intumescent strip which reacts to heat and closes the opening left by the softening of plastic pipe or insulation in a fire, providing a fire rating of up to 4 hours.


Suitable for plastic pipes, cable conduits, and metal pipes with continuous combustible insulation, these can be used in drywalls, masonry, or concrete walls and floors, and is ideal for use with fire batt boards and mortar. To install, ensure the white pipe wrap is installed completely around the pipes and then secured in place using the self-adhesive tab.


40mm x 1.8mm x 20m/25m

50mm x 1.8mm x 20m/25m

60mm x 1.8mm x 20m/25m

We support size customization


1,Up to 3 hours fire resistance.

2, Highly intumescent – Volume expansion 30 times original size.

3,Invisible installation in walls and floors.

4,Large pipe range covered.

5,Tested for a large variety of relevant wall and floor types.




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