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Intumescent Fire Sheet

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Intumescent Fire Seal

Intumescent (fire protection) Graphite Sheet, the width could make till 500mm, thickness from 1mm to 6mm,Length till 50m. We support size customization.

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The BIYOU Intumescent (fire protection) Graphite Sheet is based on expansion graphite, it is used for fire door and window or any places to prevent fire, smoke & acoustic through out, Obtained both integrity and insulation rate as required. Which easy to cut and with good quality adhesive tape.Unaffected by moisture, humidity, atmospheric pollution and other common industrial and household chemical substance.


Intumescent (fire protection) Graphite Sheet is one of the most versatile intumescent products on the market giving the benefits of flexibility and resistance to atmospheric degradation. No special protective measures are necessary to ensure that this product will expand on heating when required to do so. The highly flexible material will conform to accommodate tight corners where it is impossible or difficult to use other rigid intumescent strip products.


Intumescent (fire protection) Graphite Sheet in a wide range of applications where an intumescent material is necessary to maintain.

1, Surface mounted applications.

2, For use single and double action timber doors.

3, Insulated and non-insulated steel doors and frame.

4, New build and retro-fit applications.

5, Inner material for Fire Collar and Fire Damper.

6, Different kinds of ironmongery pad

Densityapprox. 1.40 g/cm3
Expansion temperaturestarting from 180°C
Expansion factorup to 30-fold its original thickness
Expansion pressurestartapprox. 1.0 N/mm2
Colorblack with glass fiber backing

Intumescent (fire protection) Graphite Sheet is a halogen-free product, we used environmentally friendly raw materials.


1,The surface could with or without the fibro mesh

2,Could be supplied with or withoutglass fiber backing

3,High-pressure and multi-directional.

4,Totally unaffected by water, robust, non-flaking and difficult to tear.

5, It have been extensively tested in the UK, Europe and worldwide, to national and international standards.

Which meets the requirements for AS 1530.4:2014, BS 476 Part 22, EN 1634-1: 2014 and UL 10C (2009)




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