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smoke seals for fire doors

The Significance of Smoke Seals For Fire Doors

Hey everyone! So, in this post we're going to take a look at smoke seals for fire doors. Do you know about the importance of smoke seals in fire safety? Ok, let's dive into this important issue now.

Understanding The Purpose Of Smoke Seals For Fire Doors

Smoke seals help protect us during a fire emergency. But what exactly is a smoke seal? In layman's terms, it is just pieces of material that are placed around the crevices on the edges of doors in your home to force air out when pushed up against them. Their primary function is to act as a barrier, ensuring that smoke cannot seep into the next room in case of fire.

    Importance of Smoke Seals for Fire Safety

    So what is the big deal with smoke seals? Now, consider you are inside a burning building. Smoke is very dangerous because it can block our vision and difficult for us to breathe. Smoke can also quickly permeate a structure and endanger anyone within (part 75). As smoke sealsour manufactured and adroit-designed products as well, the pace at which the deadly fumes move is able to be effectively slowed down meaning that people have more time on their hands for getting out of a hazardous location safely.

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