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fire strip for doors

Ever wondered what a fire strip for doors is used for? Although it is odd in name, a fire strip will be the most important mile stone to cover for any type of building. Next, we explore why fire strips are essential in the event of a fire emergency and discuss how they can help save lives when fires break out as well as provide you with reasons to have them on every door in your building, secure property protection from fire damage and ensure loved ones safety during an evacuation. We also cover everything you need to know about compliance vs non-compliance with most basic local or state level building codes surrounding their installation along some handy information for simple setup/maintenance too so please read all paragraphs below before calling it quits prematurely (please).

    Benefits of Fire Strips in a Crisis

    Fire strips are, quite literally and despite their diminutive size, probably one of your doors' most important pieces of the puzzle. It explains that intumescent material for use in fireproofing expands with heat. When there's a fire, this expansion helps to seal the gaps of space formed around the door and its frame that it fits into by stopping flames and smoke from entering. Such a simple but powerful device can really be the difference between life and death when caught in an inferno.

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