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fire door sealing strip

Fire is a dangerous element that can hurt people, burn down entire buildings and attract hell on earth. For this reason, it is essential that fire protection measures be taken properly and effectively wherever people live their lives. A crucial part of fire safety in a building is the use of fire door sealing strips and these can be found here.


    The fire door sealing strips can play a crucial role to prevent the unlimited burning of fires in buildings. These strips act as barriers, to prevent the movement of fire and smoke between two different areas. These fire door sealing strips are designed to put on the correct way around most doors will help prevent a potential disaster by keeping away fire and smoke from interior rooms of a facility or home, allowing people to move toward safety. Made out of elastomeric materials or neoprene rubber, these strips are often heat resistant and designed to expand when exposed to a certain temperature in case of fire. Now bear with me here as it does not cross the barriers of waffle, but fire door sealing strips do serve a greater purpose in maintaining building safety.

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