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Ruban de vitrage intumescent

Protect Your Home with Intumescent Glazing Tape tape

We learned all about fire safety and just how to prevent fires inside our homes. One thing we might not about have learned is how to protect our homes from fires which will start in neighboring structures. Luckily, Intumescent glazing tape are here which can help keep our homes safe, like bandes intumescentes créé par Biyou.


Advantages Of Intumescent Glazing Tape

Intumescent Glazing Tape is a type of tape that expands when exposed to high temperatures, including bande intumescente by Biyou. This expansion produces a barrier betwixt your fire and the glass in home or window frame. This barrier helps to avoid the glass from shattering and spreading the fire into the home.

Why choose Biyou Intumescent glazing tape?

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