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Polyurethane Foam Door Seals

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Weather Stripping / Silicone/ Tpe Rubber Seals BY114

•Efficient processing – right from the coil, no waste

•Suitable for automatic insertion or fixing

•Compatible with all paints and glazes, including acrylic paints

•Available colors: white, black, brown. Other colors available on request

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  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Specifications
  • Advantage

Compression set

<15% after 1 hour relief of 50% compression at 70℃ and 24 hours

Compression force

approx. 15N at 25% compression per 100mm, <10N for lip profiles Test temperature -60℃ to +70℃

Heat conductivity

0,014 W/km at 0℃

Long life performance

no change of length-related and partial joint permeability

Paint compatibility

no adhesion, no hardening, no discoloration

Acoustic testing

43 dB at a window IV68 with a center seal 43 dB at a window IV76 with center and overlap seals


tested up to 20 years

Ozone resistance

rack stage 0

Abrasion resistance

no abrasion after 285,000 cycles of grinding load.


* For universal flat surfaces
* For timber windows and entry doors
* For PVCu windows and doors
* For Aluminum windows and doors
* For internal door and furniture applications, internal timber doors and sliding wardrobe,

closet and  sideboard doors


* Polyurethane (PU) foam core – high durability, superior recovery performance
* Polyethylene (PE) film – weather and UV-resistant
* polypropylene (PP) insert – prevents elongation and shrinkage
* Smooth or embossed exterior, resistant to contamination
* Compatible with cleaning agents


•Excellent memory - returns to original shape after compression

•Stability - low/no stretch gained by rigid insert

•Easily compressed - low compression force, unaffected by temperature variance

•Acoustics - outstanding acoustic performance

•Thermal conductivity - unrivalled thermal performance

•Paint and stain proof - properties unaffected by standard paints and stains

•Stabilized - unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light or ozone

•Colors - white, black, brown, grey and many other options

•Temperatures - wide operating range under extremely cold and warm weather conditions



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